About us


We are designing, manufacturing and development in FRP Fiberglass Products business.

We have skill and experience to manufacture FRP fiberglass product over 10 years. Our products have the special features that the fiberglass are mixed with plastic to be materials of the customer product, therefore the product has superior quality and greater strength.

In addition to that the customers able to unique the special features to their product, such as the product has the ability to slow down - inhibition of the flammable.

Our customers entrusted us to manufacture their products, such as the construction accessories products, fiberglass wall, fiberglass roof, communication and electric control box, including the office, home and garden equipment, such as jardiniere, flower pot, fiberglass chair, imitation wood stair, imitation rock.

We have quality inspection department that attend all of product process. We ensure that all products are in the standard quality - value satisfaction you.